Working Papers

Reversing Reserves
with Parag Pathak and Tayfun Sönmez
[Web Appendix]

Immigration Lottery Design: Engineered and Coincidental Consequences of H-1B Reforms
with Parag Pathak and Tayfun Sönmez

Correlation Neglect in Student-to-School Matching
with Ran Shorrer and Chloe Tergiman
[Materials Appendix]

Price Isn't Everything: Behavioral Response around Changes in Sin Taxes
with Kyle Rozema

The Negative Consequences of Loss-Framed Performance Incentives
with Lamar Pierce and Charlotte Blank

Diminishing Sensitivity to Outcomes: What Prospect Theory Gets Wrong about Diminishing Sensitivity to Price
with Joshua Lewis, Uri Simonsohn, and Joe Simmons

Research Publications

Measuring "Schmeduling"
with Dmitry Taubinsky
Forthcoming at Review of Economic Studies.
[Journal Webpage][Web Appendix][Survey Appendix]

An Experimental Investigation of Preference Misrepresentation in the Residency Match
with Samuel Skowronek
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2018, 115(45): 11471-11476.
[Journal Webpage][Web Appendix]

Attention Variation and Welfare: Theory and Evidence from a Tax Salience Experiment
with Dmitry Taubinsky
Review of Economic Studies, 2018, 85(4): 2462-2496.
[Journal Webpage][Web Appendix]

Suboptimal Behavior in Strategy-Proof Mechanisms: Evidence from the Residency Match
Games and Economic Behavior, 2018, 108: 317-330.
[Journal Webpage][SSRN Version]

Taxing Humans: Pitfalls of the Mechanism Design Approach and Potential Resolutions
with Dmitry Taubinsky
Tax Policy and the Economy, 2018, 32(1): 107-133.
[Journal Webpage]

Quantifying Loss-Averse Tax Manipulation
Review of Economic Studies, 2018, 85(2): 1251-1278.
[Journal Webpage][Non-technical Summary]
An earlier version circulated as Loss Aversion Motivates Tax Sheltering: Evidence from U.S. Tax Returns. [Web Appendix]

Mistaken Play in the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm: Implications for Positive Assortative Matching
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2017, 107 (5), 225-229.
[Journal Webpage]

Can Marginal Rates of Substitution Be Inferred From Happiness Data? Evidence from Residency Choices
with Daniel Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, and Miles Kimball
American Economic Review, 2014, 104 (11), 3498 - 3528.
[Journal Webpage][Web Appendix][Survey Appendix]

What Do You Think Would Make You Happier? What Do You Think You Would Choose?
with Daniel Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, and Miles Kimball
American Economic Review, 2012, 102 (5), 2083 - 2110.
[Journal Webpage]
An earlier version circulated as Do People Seek to Maximize Happiness? Evidence from New Surveys. [Web Appendix]

Policy Briefs

Addressing Personal-Income-Tax Manipulation with Tools from Psychology
Wharton Public Policy Initiative Issue Brief, 2017, 5(9): 1-6.

Tax Psychology and the Timing of Charitable Giving Deadlines
with Dmitry Taubinsky
The Urban Institute, 2016.

NTA Mini-Course Materials

Slides for The Behavioral Economics of Taxation
Mini-course presented at the 2019 National Tax Association Annual Meetings.
Thanks to the University of Michigan's Office of Tax Policy Research.


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